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Harrison Middle School Summer Reading Requirement for Accelerated English 2021

Posted Date: 08/24/2021

Harrison Middle School Summer Reading Requirement for Accelerated English 2021

Welcome to Accelerated English! Your teachers look forward to a year of reading, writing, research, and discussion of ideas in the ELA classroom.


Academic objectives of summer reading: 

  • To acquire and/or practice time management and maintain the habit of reading.
  • To foster and further develop close reading skills.
  • To explore creative learning/presentation through independent study.


What is the summer reading assignment?

Students will choose two books from the recommended list and will choose a book project to create for each. Students will present their projects to class during the first week of school. Book projects may be any of the following:

Video book trailer: Create a digital book trailer advertising the book. The goal of a book trailer, like the goal of a movie trailer, is to make the audience want to read the book. The student can use any technology they feel comfortable with, but it should include video, text, and music in an engaging way.

Front page: Create a newspaper front page for the book. Creatively develop a name of the paper, date, price, location, articles with headlines, pictures, advertisements, classified ads, and other newspaper elements that relate to the book

Brown bag: Fill a paper bag with 8 to 10 items that connect to characters, events, themes, or other important aspects of the story. Write a rationale for why each item was included and how it connects to the book.

Collage: Create a collage of a wide range of images connected to characters, events, themes, and other important aspects of the book. The collage should be accompanied by a written description, explaining the rationale for why different parts were included.

Book review: Write a review of the book that either persuades us to read the book OR discourages us from reading it. Your review should include personal insights about the book as well as a review from another source and your commentary on that review.

Movie/book comparison: Compare the book to the movie version, making an argument and supporting it with evidence from both the book and the movie. This may be presented as a slideshow or essay.


What books are on the recommended list, and where can we find them?

See the list below for each grade level. Books are available to check out this summer on the Gobsmobile, may be found at the Boone County Library, or may be borrowed by contacting the school.