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Arrival and Dismissal Procedures

  1. Bus Riders:  You can ride the bus to and from school on the first day.  For bus number and route information, call 741-5847.
  2. Walkers and bike riders:   For student safety, all walkers and students who ride bikes will not be released until 3:20 due to traffic concerns.
  3. Car Riders:  
  • Morning Arrivals:  The driver MUST let students out curbside in front of the HMS main entrance in the lane nearest the main entry doors. Students should not be dropped off in the parking lot, the sides of the building, or back of the building.
  • Afternoon PickupThe main pick-up area for all car riders is in front of Harrison Middle School. The drivers arrive at the north entrance nearest the Prairie, continue down BurlsWay to the Cash Center, and turn right on Speer Drive at the stop sign.  Drive through the Cash Center parking lot and circle back to the front of the Middle School by using the road between the Middle School and the High School.  (See the Traffic Flow Diagram)  The single line of cars will start at an orange cone in front of HMS near the end of the sidewalk and loop around to the Cash Center parking lot if necessary. Please do not start lining up before 2:45 P.M.  Drivers should never pass the car in front of them and must remain in the car once stopped in the pick-up line. The line will be long, but 12 cars can be loaded at a time.  When you arrive at the front of the school to pick up your student, please pull as far forward as you can (do not stop right where your student is standing) – this will help us move the line faster.  Students in grades 5-8 will exit the front doors to be picked up at 3:08.  If the rider is late, the driver will be asked to pull over to the side until the rider arrives. 
  • Back Car Rider:  “Back Car Rider” option is at the back of the school from 3:08-3:20 for grades 5-8. The driver must park in the back parking lot and walk across the road, get their rider and walk them back to their car.  Riders will not be allowed to cross the road by themselves. After 3:20, riders will be sent to the front of the school to the car rider pick-up.
  • School starts at 8:05 and ends at 3:10 at HMS.  


Standard Release Times

3:08 Front and back car riders

3:10 Early Bus

3:15 Late Bus, Walkers, Bike Riders


Early Out Wednesday Release Times (all Wednesdays except the first day of school)

1:45 Front and back car riders

1:50 Early Bus

1:55 Late Bus, Walkers, Bike Riders


Traffic Flow Diagram